कर्ता या अकर्ता ? बहुत जल्दी : केवल्य , निर्वाण , मोक्ष ,परम् आनंद प्राप्त करने का सबसे आसान उपाय


P ATUL VINOD PATHAK founder of WOM GURU , HIRANYAGARBHA : DIVINE LIFE MOVEMENT , Is a spiritual “SEEKER” , Author, Journalist and Family man , He is also involved in writing self-help articles , books and is a personality development expert through spiritual roots. Who’s been initiated in many lineages and received various transmissions that empowered him as a spiritual teacher. He’s thus skilled at teaching how to work with profound spiritual practices and energies while also being firmly grounded in the world and fully engaged with life. The WOM GURU HIRANYAGARBHA youtube channel www.youtube.com/c/womguru contains his teachings and messages, He helps people in their quest for self-realization, and preaches that every individual leaves his own imprint on the world, through his life experiences. WOM (WORLD OPERATING MIND ) GURU is an organization that teaches holistic personality development techniques. It is not affiliated to any religion or any political organization. Its ideology is to work for the development of the individual and through that, the development of the society.

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